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Dixon Construction Inc. builds relationships, not just homes! 


My family looked for a pre-existing home to purchase for a couple of years before we met Mr. Tom Dixon of Dixon Construction Company. Tom helped us design a floor plan, locate a desirable lot, and adjust the plan to accommodate our special-needs daughter, who is confined to a wheelchair.

All we had to do was to tell Dixon Construction what we wanted and they made the rest happen. Dixon Construction make my "American dream" a reality and even helped us find appliances that are energy star approved from a local supplier who installed and serviced them with no hassle involved. Not only did we see quality inside and out but we are living in the home of our dreams and saving money on energy costs due to extra measures taken to ensure energy efficiency in a time when every dollar counts. I am thrilled with the job that Dixon Construction did on our first home so much that if we ever build again they will be the first company we will call. Dixon Construction not only builds homes but it also helps build families while supporting our local businesses and community. Thank you, Dixon Construction Company, for building our home and enhancing our personal lives.


Candy and I have built eight houses in six states during our marriage. We have seen many building styles and various commitments to quality and service. This experience gave us a clear picture of the quality, price and location we wanted for our retirement home in Newton. We looked for over a year before discovering a new home being built by Dixon Construction. We met Tom and Jason, talked to a number of their sub-contractors, and watched the completion of a new home that was similar to the one we actually bought. After many conversations, we selected Tom and Jason, and we have not been disappointed yet. As one might expect, there were a few minor issues that were addressed to our satisfaction after we moved in. They have met our expectations for sure.

We have been our home for over a year now and we continue to be impressed with the workmanship of our new home. We gladly provide this independent recommendation for Dixon Construction as an excellent quality and customer focused builder.


We were pretty new to the home building experience when we started the process in January 2010. We talked with several builders and being the first born perfectionists that we are, we really weighed all the options and agonized over making the right choice for our builder. We chose a plan, worked out all the details, and made the decision we believed was right for our family. We were finally ready to begin with Dixon Construction. We appreciated the extra details, the focus on energy efficiency, and the fair, competitive price we received. Of course, no project is going to go perfectly but the minor details that were of concern were handled quickly and efficiently. We were especially pleased with the timeliness of our home completion. Everything was scheduled and completed right on time. We broke ground in June and were able to move in just before Thanksgiving. When you're living through the building process it's hard to appreciate the big picture. However, we can say that our home is beautiful and we are beyond pleased with the end result.


Moving from the beautiful Shenandoah Valley of Virginia to North Carolina was not an easy task, but grandchildren have a powerful influence on you, especially when they are 275 miles away in Newton, North Carolina.

Our task was made easier when we found our beautiful "energy star" home built by Tom Dixon and his grandson, Jason Cloninger. The design was just what we were looking for; the location perfect, and the quality of our new home was outstanding. Tom and Jason know how to build a first rate home. Life is good even if it isn't in the Shenandoah Valley.



About Dixon

  • Licensed General Contractors
  • Licensed NC Realtor
  • Catawba Valley Home Builders Association
  • Custom and Spec Built Homes
  • Remodeling & Rehab of existing homes.
  • A+ Rating with the Better Business Bureau
  • Energy Star Certified Builders, using the Energy Star 3.0 program, the strictest program in America for Green Building.
  • Over 55 years of Combined Experience